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Edmonton, AB

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Have you received a health diagnosis that has greatly impacted your day to day life?

Are you experiencing feelings of sadness, anger, or hopelessness?

Are you struggling to accept this diagnosis as part of your life?

Does it feel like others just don't understand what you are going through?

Have you lost interest in activities you usually enjoy?

Do you have a hard time concentrating and making decisions?

Have you noticed a decrease in energy or feeling like you have "slowed down."

Therapy can help! 

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Therapy can support you to develop a better relationship with your chronic illness, learn skills and strategies to better manage your symptoms, and lead you to making decisions in your life that feel meaningful and fulfilling.

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  • feel seen, heard, supported, and understood

  • explore, process and resolve feelings related to your diagnosis

  • learn to accept your chronic health condition

  • learn ways to manage your symptoms

  • improve relationships with others

  • improve concentration and focus

  • set goals and take action towards a meaningful and fulfilling life

Ready to see if therapy can work for you? Click the button below to book an initial appointment, or call or complete the Contact Form to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation.

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